Are you looking to scan your documents, or transform your documents?

We specialize in digital document transformations. What does that mean for you? You get the confidence your scanning initiative will support your organization’s long-term success. Your users get the high-quality electronic images they need to enhance their current processes. You will have the compliance groundwork put in place from the start, so you can destroy the physical copies after scanning, and avoid unnecessary costs to manage and store paper files.

Our knowledge is our strength. Our professional resources have years of experience with Land, Well, Environment, Health & Safety, Finance, Engineering and Pipeline documents. Your critical documents will be handled by experienced technicians so you end up with accurate content your users can easily find and trust. We consistently deliver electronic images with a metadata accuracy rating above 99% – unheard of in the imaging industry. Our commitment to quality and efficiency sets us apart from our competitors. Let's connect and discuss how we can help you meet and exceed your objectives. Why? So you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the right business decision.





metadata accuracy rating in 2018





million pages scanned




of projects delivered on schedule

“[We] found an exceptional partner in Integra when we committed to scan all of our Surface Land files. The Integra team brought an unmatched level of industry knowledge and document expertise that enabled us to achieve a greater than 99% accuracy rate with the indexing of our files. This in turn led to a high level of user confidence and greatly eased the user anxiety that is often associated with digitization projects. Most importantly, our Surface Land team has found a marked increase in the efficiency of day-to-day processes working almost exclusively in a digital environment.”
— Team Lead, Information Management & IT Client Services
“We chose Integra to assist us ….as they work with us in a way that demonstrated they would be a partner to our business and not just a vendor.”
— Manager, Information Technology