Having the right people on your team is critical to successfully transform your documents. You need competent, knowledgeable resources who give you peace of mind knowing the job is being done right.

You need fresh eyes looking at your processes to identify opportunities to save time, reduce costs and mitigate risk. You also need the flexibility of scaling your team up or down in accordance with your program needs. You need team members who understand your documents, and how they fit into your business cycles.

Integra has operated managed services teams for Canadian clients since 2011 and we are a recognized leader in the Alberta marketplace. Our managed services teams are built around operational excellence, and we rigorously measure our performance to ensure you get consistent, high-quality outputs. We focus on mitigating risk so you are confident your critical documents are compliant with business, legal and regulatory requirements. We have demonstrated our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit within all of our engagements and we will bring a flexible service model that clearly aligns to your strategic direction. Our continuous process improvement culture ensures you will see measurable benefits year over year.


opportunities of a managed services model


STAffing flexibility




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lower costs

Integra has met and exceeded their objective of creating capacity within our team through 53% process efficiency. This ongoing value that Integra provides, allows [our] staff the time to both steward the electronic inventory and expand our scope to other new groups. Despite a staff reduction of ~65% in 2016, we accomplished all of our goals and more. This would not have been possible without our outstanding partnership with Integra.
— Lead, Information Management
The decision to partner with Integra for our Records and Information Management needs was the right one for [our organization]. The levels of knowledge, expertise and professionalism that all Integra employees bring is unparalleled. I personally am grateful for this decision as it makes my job a whole lot easier having the right people to rely on. THANK YOU!!!
— Manager, Business Systems & Technology and Office Services