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Global Petroleum Show

Managing information created throughout pipeline projects is a monumental challenge. With hundreds of thousands of documents created by numerous stakeholders, in a variety of formats and locations, careful oversight is essential. This diverse environment increases the risk of missing or incomplete information. The relaxed practices being followed in the industry has left Canada’s pipeline industry with significant gaps in critical documentation required to safely operate and effectively maintain their pipelines. Pressures to reduce costs are ever-increasing, while heightened public scrutiny demands additional safety and environmental protection measures. Bottom line: Information Management practices matter.

There is a better way. Based on current research in the Canadian oil and gas industry, our technical poster quantifies the financial, reputation and safety risks lost or missing project information creates, and outlines a simple, practical approach to ensure pipeline projects deliver the right information.

Want to learn more? We welcome you to visit us in the Technical Conference Poster area at the 2019 Global Petroleum Show June 11-13 in Calgary AB.