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Digital Transformation Breakfast Seminar Series

  • Calgary Petroleum Club 319 5 Avenue Southwest Calgary, AB, T2P 0L5 Canada (map)

Seminar 1 - SOLD OUT

Business is changing. You can no longer afford manual, paper-based processes – it’s time to transform your information. So how do you ensure the success of your digital transformation? Success starts with transforming your manual processes to digital processes that give your users the access and agility they need, while ensuring your organization meets their obligations. End result? Substantial savings in your information management costs and improved productivity in your organization.

Why are some industries struggling to embrace digital transformation? What are the key challenges facing organizations today? Integra Partners Ltd has put together a quarterly seminar series to address key questions around digital transformation. Each seminar will be led by an industry expert open to sharing his or her approach to help you move your organization forward. The seminar will be attended by guests from a broad range of industries to provide opportunities to network and share learnings.

Series Agenda

The Decisive Factor in Digital Transformation:  The Human Element – Dan Spiwack – Mastering Digital Partners – a JMW/Digital Think Joint Venture – April 11, 2018 - SOLD OUT

How I Led a Digital Transformation in a Senior Oil & Gas Company – Sherry Batke – June 2018

Empowering Digital Transformation:  Mastering Digital as a Second Language – TBD – Mastering Digital Partners – a JMW/Digital Think Joint Venture – November 2018

Seminar 1 – The Decisive Factor in Digital Transformation:  The Human Element

In dealing with digital transformation, most companies focus on the technology itself – the wonders of new capabilities it may unleash or the disruptive impact it may have on business models, supply chains and markets.  While technological innovations are compelling, an organization’s success with digital will begin and end with how its people view, perceive, interpret, engage with, and in turn act (or fail to act) on the opportunities and threats that digital presents.

Today’s intelligent enterprises are shaped by two main factors – the growing power of big data which drives forecasting models, artificial intelligence and so on, and our increased understanding of the human element. To thrive in this dynamic, fast-moving environment, organizations will need to blend and embed technology-enabled insights with a deeper understanding of human performance.

Digital transformation is through and through a human matter.  Those who succeed with digital and technology will be those who master its human element.