Organizations with timely access to documents and drawings created in the design, build and maintenance of their pipelines and facilities operate more efficiently, make better business decisions, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Managed appropriately, engineering and operations information is a competitive advantage. However, managing all of this information is a monumental challenge. Major projects generate hundreds of thousands of documents, created by numerous stakeholders, in a variety of formats and locations. Some documents constantly change, and are carefully controlled to keep correct revisions accessible. Others are hand-written on the pipeline right-of-way in extreme weather conditions, when expediency takes precedence over careful documentation. This challenging environment often leads to missing or incomplete information.

With pressures to reduce costs ever-increasing and heightened public scrutiny, you cannot afford to be lax or haphazard with your engineering and operations information. You need a unified approach that balances your project needs with your operational needs to ensure your projects generate the information needed to operate your pipelines and facilities. You need a simple, practical framework, so your team members get quick, reliable access to engineering and operations documents when they need them. Our experienced consultants bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in industry standards and best practices, to help you build a document control program that meets the needs of your users and your regulators, and sets you up for long-term success.




Understand current state and culture

Analyze gaps

Design solutions



Initiate and execute

Manage the change

Build credibility



Operational excellence

Continuous Improvement

Process efficiencies

Integra has been a big part of progressing our initial document control and procedures to closer to the appropriate level with the right processes and personnel to help save time, costs, and reduce the risk associated with this very important aspect of our business. Having a partner like Integra to navigate this world with the expertise required has helped us gain momentum to ensure we have a properly managed document management system going forward.
— Senior Facilities Engineer
Integra Partners have been a key partner in achieving [our] goal of implementing an effective and fit-for-purpose DM system for our Facilities Engineering & Construction group. [Integra’s] approach and drive has ensured key stakeholders, including operations and construction, not only use but now promote the use of the DM system throughout the organization.
— Manager, Project Services